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Innovative design & build service based in Cornwall, offering low impact, thermally efficient homes for the future

McCartney’s have been building Timber frame homes in Cornwall for over 30 years. During that time the founder Mike McCartney has seen numerous technologies come and go, some good some not so good. Some eco, some not so. This experience has been the inspiration for the homes Mike and his team now build.

FUTUREHOMES represents one of the best ways to build your new home.

To find out more call us on

01208 78919

  • EXPERIENCED: Experienced team with over 80 years of combined experience
  • TRUSTWORTHY: We have been in timber frame manufacture for over 30 years
  • INNOVATIVE: New build system using readily available building products
  • LOW IMPACT: Highly thermally efficient, approaching zero carbon status
  • RAPID: 200sqm houses completed within 4 months

In 2015 the team set out to develop a new proposition, McCartney’s FUTUREHOMES based around some principles that challenged traditional building techniques aimed at:

  • Making a new home an easy option
  • Providing a full service covering everything from the design stage to handing the keys over to the proud new owner
  • Using a rapid build system based around tried and tested timber frame technologies
  • Sourcing materials readily available from any builders merchant, to reduce costs, prevent supply delays and eliminate potential problems associated with new systems yet to be widely accepted in the UK climate
  • Creating a warm and comfortable home with a low living cost, low environmental impact and low lifetime cost
  • Offering all this at an affordable price

McCartney’s FUTUREHOMES can achieve all of this and more with the first new home completed in less than five months and performing to exceptionally high standards of thermal efficiency.

If you are considering a new home why not talk to McCartney’s and see whether a FUTUREHOME is right for you.

Call Mike on 01208 78919

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