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A seamless process from start to finish...

FUTUREHOMES represents one of the best ways to build your new home.

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  • SEAMLESS PROCESS: From planning to demolition and building with no delays
  • NO HASSLE: All trades and materials managed to ensure a smooth build and great home for you to live in
  • FAST FROM START TO FINISH: The elimination of delays at every stage is one of the keys to a smooth build and one that our experience, proposition and build system ensure
  • COST EFFECTIVE: We ensure competitive rates are charged at every stage of the process from architect’s fees to project based tradesmen.

Design & build service

Building a new home can seem like a step too far for some people. McCartney’s endeavour to take the hassle and uncertainty out of the process. McCartney’s clients have no need to select an architect, liaise with planners, choose builders, materials, other trades, or, most importantly project manage the build. As we manage all the steps of your new home we can usually achieve you walking through the front door to your entirely completed new home within 4 to 5 months of gaining planning approval.

Design and Planning:

Choosing a design and getting planning permission needn’t be a complicated or time consuming process. Once you agree we are the firm you want to build your home we commission a local architect, familiar with all the local planning issues and our build system to make this step happen as quickly as possible

  • You only deal with us, and we use our experience to make sure it runs smoothly and quickly
  • Build schedules are closely linked to the planning process avoiding considerable delays
  • Our methods are quicker, more efficient and cheaper in the long run than clients can achieve on their own

Demolition and Utilities

McCartney’s can handle the demolition of any existing buildings and help organise the establishment of utilities. These steps can avoid considerable delays and costs as you take advantage of our years of experience


Since we are involved in the design and the planning process, starting your new home can begin immediately planning permission is granted, or even before when demolition and/or the establishment of new utilities are involved

  • We manage all the subcontracted trades such as electricians, plumbers, decorators, tilers, kitchen fitters, and even landscapers
  • We manage all materials supplies so you don’t have to trawl the market for the best windows, doors and fittings, then have the sometimes unpleasant surprise of finding things weren’t quite as you imagined or ordered
  • We know our build system so all the stages go smoothly and avoid delays due to unforeseen problems. We can’t of course manage the weather, one of the few factors that can affect project completion
  • You can sit back and watch your new FUTUREHOME being created using one of our on-line on-site cameras

One of the beauties of our new system and process is that when the frame is up you have the opportunity to make changes. As we manage the whole system there will be key times when you can tweak the design as your new home develops, making sure it is really suits your needs and makes the best of your location. Often these changes can be made at no cost.

We believe a McCartney’s FUTUREHOME is one of the best ways to build a house, quickly and cost effectively, providing you with the greatest level of satisfaction, not just when you walk through the door for the first time, but over the years that follow.

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