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Our homes are more comfortable, quicker to build, and have a lower cost to live in...

FUTUREHOMES represents one of the best ways to build your new home.

To find out more call us on 01208 78919

  • EXPERIENCED: Long established firm with a team that has been working together for years.
  • TRUSTWORTHY: A family firm with an outstanding reputation for honesty and friendliness.
  • UNDERSTANDING: We understand it is your home we are building and pride ourselves on our flexible approach during the build to make sure the home fulfils your needs and expectations.
  • ON BUDGET/QUOTE: What we agree is what you get and what you pay for. No escalating build costs and even if you specify a change everything will be agreed up front.


Our new build system is one of the best ways to create your new home. It is much quicker than conventional build systems and no more expensive. Our homes benefit from greater comfort and lower running costs. To find out more please click on the images below:

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