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Thermally efficient technologies and design make your new home both comfortable and economic to run

FUTUREHOMES represents one of the best ways to build your new home.

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    Our ethos is that thermally efficient homes are better for the planet and for you:

  • SIMPLE THERMAL EFFICIENCY: Our homes are designed to be extremely thermally efficient in the simplest manner possible
  • INSULATION & AIR TIGHTNESS: High build quality and attention to detail providing extremely good air tightness
  • MINIMAL COLD BRIDGING: Designed to minimise cold bridging from the foundations up
  • REDUCED LIFETIME COSTS: Designed to reduce the whole lifetime cost of your home, from manufacture to well beyond your lifetime
  • ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY: Designed with the most ecologically readily available materials and require the lowest demand for energy in use

Thermally Efficient Building

When we started designing our build system for FUTUREHOMES we wanted something that had high thermal efficiency that could be achieved in a simple and quick-to-build way.

Insulation and airtightness are two of the key elements of any thermally efficient house.

Our objective was to develop a highly insulated building system that met the following criteria:

  • Uses eco-friendly materials available off the shelf at most builders merchants
  • Quick  to build
  • Low cost to purchase
  • Simple to install

Our experience has led us to believe that the more simple a build system is and the less complex the detailing, the greater the opportunity for success.


  1. Walls: Triple layers of rockwool insulation
  2. Floors: High compression foil backed foam insulation
  3. Roofs: VIEO Warm Roof System combined with Rockwool bats between the rafters
  4. Joints: Taped and sealed for air-tightness
  5. Windows & Doors: Triple or double glazed depending on elevation and SAP requirements.

If you would like more information on our wall system please call Mike for a chat on 01208 78919

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